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Advanced Technology

Nitrous Oxide, or better known as laughing gas, is a mild form of conscious sedation for patients who may be overly nervous or anxious about their office visits. Nitrous Oxide can be safely used for both adults and children and can be very useful. It helps to ease the patient’s fears and allows them to relax during their visit and is very safe to use.

Invisalign is a great way to do orthodontics. For most cases, we are able to reposition your teeth your teeth without uncomfortable metal braces. Invisalign works great to align your teeth and makes your smile look more attractive and feel more comfortable. Straighter teeth are much easier to keep clean and healthy. We also use Itero scans to get the best results possible to help you look and feel your best.

Itero is a great advancement in dentistry. This computer unit allows us to take precise pictures of your teeth instead of using uncomfortable old fashioned impressions. Using CAD-CAM technology, we are able to make better fitting crowns and bridges and that is so much better for our patients. Itero scans have also made Invisalign treatment much more accurate and predictable too.

For our patients who want their teeth their whitest, we highly recommend our tray whitening system. Custom trays have always produced the best results and can be completed in just two appointments. Your custom whitening trays will help you to get your teeth their whitest. The best part is when you need your teeth white for special occasions, you now have the ability to make it happen.

EZ White Pro Whitening pens work great and are used as needed for touch-ups at home or on the go.

EZ White® Pro is our in office whitening system which takes about an hour. It uses a patented, light-activated technology and oxygen-rich gel to break away stains quickly and gently in seconds, for results patients can see instantly. Our in office whitening treatment is perfect for people who want immediate results! Please contact the office to schedule today.

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