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Dentist in New City, NY - Clarkstown Dental PLLC, Dr. Jonathan Torma - Bridge treatment information
We will prescribe a bridge when one or more teeth are missing and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the open space. Bridges can be made from three types of material, solid gold for reliable long wear, porcelain fused to a gold base for strength and beauty, and high-strength metal-free porcelain for optimum cosmetic results. With proper care, your new bridge will increase your overall health and instill confidence for years to come.
Bridge Bridges are prescribed for missing teeth.
Bridge Preparation Step 2 The adjacent teeth are prepared by eliminating tooth structure.
Bridge Preparation Step 3 After fabrication the bridge is cemented to the prepared teeth.
Bridge Preparation Final Step Bridges restore the natural beauty and health of teeth.

We use these products for this type of treatment:
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